A consultation to free you from decorating frustration. (No flight required!)

Our e-Decorating service will provide you with the information, encouragement and inspiration you need to get your decorating project off the ground―or bring it in for a safe landing! With our help, you'll be able to make decisions and take action to complete your endeavor with confidence. Best of all, we can help your room arrive in style regardless of your location!

This service begins with one-on-one coaching consultation by phone. You provide the photos of your room(s) along with dimensions and your decorating questions or dilemmas, by either email or mail. Using our designer eye, we will assess your space and design goals and advise you of: what to keep, what to get rid of, what to add, what colors may work best in the room and how to best utilize the things you already have.



Then, within two weeks of your phone consultation session, you will receive a design packet filled with visual inspiration tailored to your style and budget for the tips and color ideas we discussed. Inside you'll find everything you need to help your room break out of its shell and help you take flight with your decorating project. 

Also included will be sample color sheets that you can adhere to your walls before you paint, to "try" the colors on, inspiration photos and a suggested list of where to find those perfect accessories.





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