Redesign can give wings to your existing things.

What is Interior Redesign? Interior Redesign is the art of working with the things that you already own to transform your home. This is accomplished by skillfully rearranging your present furnishings, and accessories to highlight your home's architectural details and functional purpose of the room.


The philosophy behind our Interior Redesign Service is to help you design the living space you really want, regardless of how large or small the budget.

A Well Dressed Nest will guide you to having a home that reflects your spirit and individuality. It's not about how much you spend on furnishings or renovations, it's about careful consideration of all the items in your home. It's about letting go of things you don't like or find useful even when that means giving away something you've had for years.

The first step to any redesign project is the initial consultation. The consultation allows us to get to know you and what your home means to you. It helps us discover your style and design personality while also outlining the scale of your project.

We begin by visiting with you in the actual space that you wish to transform. We'll discuss what is working or not working for you in the space, how it is used, who uses it, and what your goal is for the area. Our interior redesign consultation will guide you through this process, focusing on transforming a single room or your entire house- it's entirely up to you!

Once we have gathered all the details,
A Well Dressed Nest will then share our master plan with you for your space. We'll discuss all possible options for the redesign project to see if you would like any painting, repairs or shopping to be completed before the redesign begins.

At that time you will have the opportunity to either put this plan into action yourself or schedule our services to complete your hands-on transformation. Our consultations last 2 to 3 hours.


Our Interior Redesign Consultation Includes:
Checklist and written recommendations sent to client upon completion

After your redesign is completed, you will be given a complimentary recommendation list of any items you may wish to consider purchasing to further refine your new look. Or, let us do the shopping for you with our
Home Décor Shopping Service.

We are confident that you will love your new room redesign, and as such we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All we ask is that you give it 14 days to adjust to the change. Then, if by some chance you are still not satisfied, we will come back to work with you on further tweaking the design, free of charge.

Our Redesign service takes approximately 4-6 hours, depending on the size of the room.


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