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What is Home Staging?
Home Staging is the act of preparing a residence for sale on the real estate market. It is a proven marketing tool to sell your home faster and for a higher price. (Also known as house fluffing, real estate staging, and real estate enhancement.)


Why Should I use a Home Staging Service?
It's our business to create beautiful homes with universal appeal to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers and help achieve the best selling price possible for your property.

How Much Will it Cost to Stage My House?
Much less than your first price reduction would cost! The fee is dependent on many factors such as size of property, condition of the home and whether rental furnishings are needed, etc. As a general rule, plan to spend between 1-3% of the asking price.

My House is Vacant. Should it be Staged?
Yes! Itís extremely important to stage vacant properties, because 90% of home buyers cannot visualize a spaceís potential. With staging, we can create a warm, inviting home that buyers can easily see themselves coming home to.


Why Should I Spend Money on a Home I Plan to Sell?
Staging is a cost-effective method to maximize the return on your home.

How Long Does Staging Take?
Initial consultations vary from two to five hours. The actual staging process may take hours, days or sometimes even weeks depending on the condition of the property.

What Markets Should Staging be Used in?
Staging works in any market! In a sluggish market, staging speeds up sales. In a moderate market, staging can bump prices 2-10%.


When is the best time to stage my home?
Ideally, you want to stage your home before you put it on the market, instantly creating the most interest on MLS, which translates into heavy foot traffic and a successful open house. However, if your home has sat on the market with no respectable offers, itís time to stage and bring back buyers who previously past your home by, as well as create interest and excitement for new potential buyers.


What are the three most important things a seller can do to help secure a contract quickly on their home?
First and foremost: Find a GREAT agent; one that understands the importance of marketing your home. Second, ensure your home is priced competitively. Third, ensure that it looks great on the inside and out.

How is staging different from interior decorating?
The objectives of interior design and staging homes for sale are almost the opposite. Staging depersonalizes and neutralizes the space and arranges it to suggest a lifestyle appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers while the interior design process personalizes the home to reflect the tastes of its occupants and to accommodate their lifestyle.

What is Interior Redesign?
Redesign has many different terms in the industry such as one day room make-over or interior restyle. Interior Redesign is the art of working with the things you already own to transform your home. This is accomplished by skillfully rearranging your present furnishings; and accessories to highlight your home's architectural details and functional purpose of the room. Sometimes new art and accessories are added, as well as, new wall color recommendations.

Why should I have a room Redesigned?
You may want to freshen or update a room, or gain more coziness and warmth from a space. You may also want a room to reflect more of your personality or style than it does currently.

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